Our Mission

by Driving2Save

At Driving2Save.com, we are building a brighter future by empowering a community of drivers to save lives, money, time and the planet each time they get behind the wheel.

Our Story

video_business_card_thumbnailWe like to drive, as evidenced by the fact that we all have manual transmissions. From the Gaviota Coast to Highway 1 in California, Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina, we’ve driven some of the most iconic roads in the U.S. For this reason alone, you won’t hear us lamenting the invention of the internal combustion engine. But we also know that cars can be deadly, expensive to drive, huge time-sucks, and very bad for public health and the environment. We have seen the carnage when tires blow out on the highway, wondered why we were seemingly always filling-up at the gas station, failed to check traffic before getting in our cars only to pay the price in money, lost time, and aggravation, and worried about the rapid rise in childhood asthma.

Nonetheless, we are optimists. We believe that you can enjoy driving your car and save lives, money, time, and the planet. Spend a few minutes with us every week, and we will show you how. All you have to do is start Driving2Save today.

We care about tomorrow’s drivers too. That is why we contribute at least 2% of our profits every year to charities that are creating a brighter future for our kids. Join our community today and you will make two positive impacts on the future!

Earning Your Trust

Our scientists do the research, run real-world tests, and crunch the numbers so that you can Drive2Save by making easy changes to your driving style and buying the best gear at the right price. We do this for free. Unlike other businesses, we would rather see more people Driving2Save than make money off our educational content and product testing. But we do need members of our community to buy the products we recommend in order to offer these valuable consumer services. We are not a nonprofit.

So why trust us? First, no one pays us to test their gear. We are completely independent. Second, we are very thorough. Just look at our product testing reports and see for yourself. Unlike sites that scrape product marketing material and pass it off as their review, we put hundreds of hours and thousands of miles into our testing and reports. Third, we are scientific. We stress repeatability, controlling for variables, gathering data, and detailed analysis. Fourth, we only recommend products that test well. For all these reasons, we are trusted advisors to conscientious drivers everywhere.

Our Team


Brian Goebel

Founder and CEO

“I founded Driving2Save because I believe that small changes by lots of drivers can dramatically and immediately improve the quality of life for people everywhere.”


Erin Erickson

Contributing Editor

“I joined the Driving2Save Team because I learned how big of an impact just one person can have on the world and I want to help build a community with the same mentality and understanding.”


Desmond Ho

Contributing Scientist

“I don’t always drive, but when I do I’m Driving2Save. I am excited to combine my passion for cars with environmental science and to be able to have a positive impact.”

Scientific Advisers

We rely on our Scientific Advisory Board to ensure that we (1) stay on top of the latest developments in automotive technology, (2) design testing and evaluation procedures that integrate rigorous scientific methods with real world driving conditions, and (3) reach reasonable conclusions based on our data.

Our Board is comprised of accomplished scientists who have all had successful careers applying scientific principles and methods to solve real-world problems.


Mark Grivetti

Senior Principal
Geosyntec Consultants


Mike Hoglund

Research Fellow
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies


Robert Loughman

Chair, Physics Department
Hampton University

Our Partners

At Driving2Save, we hand-pick all our partners to ensure a shared commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy.


Amazon has a strong commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.


AutoZone engages in corporate philanthropy, recycles, and recently replaced its commercial vehicle fleet to improve its corporate fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.