Why You Should Be Driving2Save

by Driving2Save



How we choose to maintain and drive our cars can dramatically increase our risk of serious, if not fatal, accidents. Our vehicle exhaust causes cancer, heart and lung diseases, and asthma, especially in children who live within 500 meters of busy roads (as so many do). If you wear a seatbelt, place your child in a car seat, or care about the quality of the air your family breathes, you should be Driving2Save. Join our community today and start saving the lives of friends and loved ones.



Think about how much you spend on gas, tires, filters, fluids, oil changes, and car washes. Cars are expensive to operate and maintain. What if we told you that making small changes in your driving style, gear, and technology would be like getting a $300-$500 pay raise? Interested? Already thinking about what you would do with that extra money? Vacation? College savings plan for your kids? Pay off your credit card? Don’t just think about it. Do it. Start reaping your rewards by Driving2Save today.



Why do we spend so much time in our cars? In many cases it is because we have not embraced the lifestyle or technology changes that would allow us to spend less time behind the wheel and more time doing what we enjoy. A benefit of better fuel economy: fewer trips to the gas station. Who likes driving to the gas station, inhaling the fumes, and then disinfecting your hands after using the pump? And why drive to the car wash when you can get a faster (and cheaper and greener) wash at home (especially if you make your kids do it for you)? Think about how much time you would save every year if you checked traffic before each drive and picked your most efficient route. And don’t rule out carpooling in certain situations. It’s not just for commuters anymore. So make the most of each day and start Driving2Save.



The bad news: All cars are bad for the planet (to varying degrees). The good news: If you take small steps to save lives, money, or time, you will also be saving the planet by reducing C02 and other harmful emissions. By simply Driving2Save, we can all do our part to leave a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren. This is a win-win that everyone can feel good about.