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  1. If you drive a car that doesn’t have Bluetooth – like the entire Driving2Save team – then you should be interested in Nonda’s most recent project. Nonda has released a new piece of hardware to integrate with their app (which also powers their Smart Tire Safety Monitor). They’re calling it the All Compatible HD Music Adapter. Allegedly, it is compatible with any car, has high definition sound quality and of course – its most important purpose – hands free calling. We are excited to test this out. If the quality is anywhere near Nonda’s Smart Tire Safety Monitor we’re sure to be impressed.
  2. Do you drive a car with a built-in backup camera? No? Then you might like this. We found a company who manufactures after market backup camera technology that is (advertised to be) easy to install and integrates with your cell phone. This will be a fantastic product for any driver who struggles with parallel parking, has experienced the occasional fender bender or simply for drivers who want to have the perfect park job.
  3. Tired of trying to find the right mechanic, coordinating a ride from the shop or scheduling around your lack of transportation? Have you ever just wanted to do your own car maintenance? It may seem daunting, you don’t want to do the research or take the risk…but what if we gave you comprehensive, step-by-step instructions so you could confidently get the job done? The Driving2Save team is producing a DIY series just for you! From changing a tire and switching out your spark plugs to even changing your own oil! If you don’t want to do these things by yourself, it would be a great partner activity. Learn alongside a spouse, a sibling or a friend! Our team has curated YouTube playlists just for you and will be adding tons of valuable DIY content this spring!
  4. Do you drive your own car for a living? If so, you will want to look for our upcoming Driving Matters Blog Post on the steps you can take to reduce your operations and maintenance costs and increase your take home pay. Driving Smarter is literally like giving yourself a pay raise! Find out how much more you can make behind the wheel by reading our Blog.

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